Free Sample Business Card Template with Example

Business card is small card consists of business holder’s name, contact details along with business address.  These business cards reflect your business image. So, every business holder thinks to have an impressive and eye-catching business card which attracts customers. Now a day competition rate is very high especially in business field. There are lots of competitors in the same field and everyone wants to stay on the “Top Notch” position. Business cards help in it. Here in this article you will get to know about different kinds of business cards, templates, size, examples, samples, layout etc.

What size is a Business Card?


If I talk about the size of business card then there is no standard size of business cards with standard dimensions. The size of business cards is decided in such a way that it can easily carried with other cards like bank card.  But everything has some standards. Like business cards have templates. And these templates come into particular sizes as well. So, if I have to tell you the “Standard business card template size” or “Business card design dimensions” then the standard size is 3.5 x 2 inches or85 x 55 mm. As I mentioned above the size of the business is decided in such a way that it would be easy to carry with other cards that’s why the size of business card is same as this cards sizes.


Business card holder makes it easy to carry the business cards along with you. There are varieties of business card holder available in the market or you can purchase them online as well. You can hold “few” to “many” cards in it. So, you can choose any Card holder as per your requirement to carry cards. Being a business person you need to carry a lot of business cards then you can choose a holder with lot of spaces and if you deal with few numbers of business cards then you can choose the card holder with less space. These business cards provide safe guard to the business cards otherwise there are very much chances that these business cards will get spoiled.


Free Business Card Templates


These business card templates are freely available on the internet. You can choose any of templates from this vast range of business card template. Templates help to provide the layout.  And in the today’s technology era you do not need to go outside for the search of business card templates, you can have a lot of templates by just simple searching online and these business card templates do not require a single penny of yours to view, save and download business card templates. There are many templates available for creative business card and modern business card as well. You just need to pick the desired template out of these business cards choices. As the business can be of any type if you are dealing with Art work then you business card should give reflection of art and creativity then you should go with creative business card option. And if you dealing with modern technology work then you can go for the option of modern business card.

Business Card Template Word


In the Word you can have bunch of business card templates and the main feature of these templates is you can edit these templates as per your choice. You can change the font, colour scheme as per you desire and can make the predefined templates into your desired design. You can save this business card in word and for the further use if you want to take printout of these business card templates then you can easily print out these cards as well. You just need to give simple command to print the business card.

Business Card Examples


There are various types of business cards. On the basis of client’s requirements and desire versatile kind of business cards are designed. You can get a lot of examples of business cards online as well. Here, in this article as we proceed with different kind of business card types along with that you will get example of each type of business card so that it will give you better understanding regarding this business cards designs, layout and idea as well. Photoshop business card template is best option for business card examples. You can get lots of examples using Photoshop business card template. You also need to know about Business card case layout as layout help to find out the exact size dimension format of the business cards. You can also get example of these business card layout online.

Business Card Mock-up


You can easily get these business card mock ups in PSD. In graphics you need to have different kinds of business card designs and for this purpose you first want to go through with the mock-up of the final outcome. These PSD provide you the mock-up you can select one out of these mock-ups and then proceed with the selected business card.

Business Card Ideas


You need to be very creative for designing business cards as business cards are the representation of your business or company. You can add logo of your business in the business card and you can also change shape of the business cards as well. It is not mandatory that you have to choose rectangular business cards. Font style, size, and format all these things help to build a creative, impressive, eye-catching business cards. You need to go through all these fact for building a creative idea of your business card.  You can thing about innovative ideas regarding Business card background. As the backgrounds also helps to give impactful look to the business card as well. The background of business card can consist of company’s logo in the watermark form. Or can use some coloured background complimenting business card font colour and giving impressive look to business card.

APEC Business Travel Card


In APEC business travel card, APEC is an abbreviation that stands for Asia- Pacific Economic Corporation Forum. This is a document which is provided to the business travellers. But only those business travellers who are part of APEC participating economies. The business travellers need to be citizen of APEC area countries. There are 21 member countries in this APEC forum. I would like to highlight the name of the countries:


  • S > Australia > Brunei > Canada > Chile > China > Darussalam > Hong Kong > Indonesia > Malaysia > Japan > Mexico > New Zealand > Peru > Papua New Guinea > Philippines > Russia > Singapore > Taipei > Korea > Thailand > Viet Nam.


In short the Asian countries which border the Pacific Ocean are part of APEC. This card is in Credit-Card form includes details of the person along with name of Economy member and passport number. Advantage of this APEC business travel card is the business card holder does not need to apply for Visa. This card has validity for 5 years.

Blank Business Card Template


Blank business cards include format of the business cards but have no information in it. You can write information by yourself in the blank business card templates. These templates are helpful for those in case you do not have any idea regarding format you want to. Then you can take help of these blank business card templates in order to enter information of the business in this business card. There are tremendous blank business card templates available online you can choose any of them as per your choice.

Best Business Card Designs


Your search for best business card ends here. I hope you get the required best business card designs from here in this article. I have tried to attach the business card designs as per the required business field. In the online websites there are large ranges of best business card designs you can choose any of them which you find best for your business.

How to Make a Business Card


There are various different sites as well as apps you can take help to make business card. You just need to select the business card to want to have and then need to upload image and content you want to paste on your business card. There are different kinds of filter as well you can apply and edit your business card. After completion of editing click on the Save button.

Free Printable Business Card Templates


Good thing about these printable business card templates is this that these templates are of free of cost and you do not need to pay a single penny for this business card templates. And if want to save or download these business card templates then you can also download them and can take print as well. These free business card templates are editable as well so, if you want to edit these templates as per your choice then you can edit them also. If you are not capable or have no understanding of designing your own business card with the help of Photoshop software then you can go for this easy and cheep method to find your own business card.

Business Card App

With the advancement of technology, and increase in the usage of smartphones, now a day people are getting more dependent on different apps for particular tasks. There are numerous apps available you can take help of them in designing and building business cards. These apps has already inbuilt stored you just need to select the required option and write your information to build your own business card. You can easily download these apps on your smart phones.

Business Card Samples


Sometimes it’s become tough to decide what kind of business card you are looking for. And you need some samples so that you can get idea about these business cards and proceed your work for building business card according to these samples. These sample business cards may help you in designing your own business card.

Here, in this article you will get to know about different kind of Business cards like American Psycho, Vista print business card, spark business card, American Express business card, CITI business card, Real Estate Business Card, Student Business card, Personal Business card, Illustrator business card, Vertical business card, Amex Business card etc.

American Psycho Business Card


American psycho business card is white in colour and it gives variation in texture of the paper stock and the font style rest in physical appearance it gives same look like other cards. American psycho is a R rated movie in which the business cards are highlights for psychology. And its variation in texture is noticed, otherwise all the psycho business cards are of same white colour and have texts written on them describing psycho address and contact details.

Vista Print Business Card template


Vista print business card provides to facility to build visiting cards. There are large numbers of visiting cards templates available in the Vista print like Classic, signature white, non-tear able, white glossy, pearl white matte, real white, textured paper and many more. All these templates are based on the variety of business. You can choose any of business card templates as per your business field. All these business cards are of based on the quality and filed. Like for textured paper visiting cards are used for real estate business, non tearable visiting cards are used for art purpose and similarly others. So, you can choose any of the vista print business card template and then use them for building your own business card.

Spark Business Card


Spark business card is used for small business purposes. You can have financial essential like checking account, saving account, credit lines etc. Spark business cards also provide credit card facilities. These cards are known as Spark business Credit Cards. These spark business cards does not have balance transfer fees and foreign trisection fees as well. There is Spark Classic for business card, Spark cash for business, spark cash for select business Spark miles for business etc. kind of spark business cards; you can choose any of them as per your requirements.

American Express Business Card


American express provide the facility of building Business credit cards and Charged cards for the small and mid level businesses. There is a variety of business cards comes under American express. As we have variety of credit cards like simple, gold, platinum, silver similarly there are business cards along with validity and subscription fee as well. Simple cash plus business card does not have any annual fee. It costs zero annual fees whereas like platinum, gold, Starwood business cards have annual fees. These American express business cards are also known as “Amex business card” so, if you go for the option of Amex business cards you will get the business cards of American express as Amex is the abbreviation used for American express.

Citi Business Card


Business cards can also relate to credit cards. Now a day it is not only limited to visiting cards only. So, Citi business cards provide you the facility of small business credit cards to manage your finance. This provides different range of credit cards like platinum, World Master. It also includes monthly charges, and travel rewards as well in case of World master card, platinum does not include any charges. For your business finance purpose you can choose Citi business card.

Real Estate Business Card


There is a large number of variety of custom real estate cards. You can take help of them to build your own real estate business cards. There is many PSD files, real estate design for visiting cards etc. These templates will provide help to choose the right one business card you want for your real estate business. Most of the times the real estate business card includes buildings and houses to show the business is of which kind along with this they put their contact information. In the back side of the business cards it includes name of the firm and in the front side you will get contact information.

Student Business Card


Normally the business cards includes the contact information of the business or the firm but in case of student business card it includes name and email address of the student so that one can easily contact to the student via mail or it can also include your university or college name as well. As, some students starts their own start-up for this purpose they require business cards so they made their business cards based on the skills and to contact them information. Student business card can also be for social media purpose then it will include Social media site links.

Personal Business Card


Suppose you are pursuing your own business like you are running some shop or the business which does not include many more staff or employees. Still for this kind of personal businesses you need to have business card to represent your personal business so that people get to know about your business and contact you. There s large range of custom personal business card designs or templates you can opt any of them as per your choice.

Metal Business Card Holder


There is variety of metal business card holders. Business card holders help to easily carry the business cards. Metal business card holders are mainly of Steel. You can easily purchase them from online shopping sites and can review all the metal business card holders along with the pros to use that particular card holder with the variations of price range as well.

Illustrator Business Card


Illustrator helps to design the professional creative business cards. You just need to install Adobe illustrator and then follow the simple steps of this to design your own business cards. Illustrator is used by professional to design or build business cards. If you are getting confused how to use illustrator for business card designs then there are lots of youtube videos and tutorial available online you can take help of them for designing business cards.

Vertical Business Card


There are two types of orientations in business cards as well that is horizontal and vertical. Now days vertical business cards are also in trend, usually the business cards come in horizontal form. But as we all want change after a particular time so, there comes vertical business cards which have all the contact information displayed vertically. You can add more than one background images by implementing two or three frames. Vertical business cards give modern look to the business cards.

These are some kinds and famous sites which are used to design professional, impressive, attractive, eye-catching and creative business cards. Hope this information is beneficiary for you.

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